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GSlide Corporation   

Quality kitchens, name brand office furniture and elegant cabinetry distinguish themselves by looks, design, function and dependable, high quality functional components.Established in June 2004, as a ...

Main Products : undermount soft close slides, push open drawer slides, soft close drawer slides, undermount soft close drawer slides... More


Main Products : ... More

China Yunfu Newfashion Stone   

NEWFASHION CRAFTS FACTORY is located in Yunfu ----the STONE BASE of Chinawe can produce a vast variety of the following products:Sinks of different shapes suitable for your kitchen and bathroom utiliz ...

Main Products : stone sink, stone bowl, stone vanityset, bathtub... More

Wenzhou Katai Plastic & Hardware Factory   

We "Katai" are a specialized plastic hardware factory with developing, designing, producing, and selling cabinet hardware fitting. Located in Youngqiang Road, where is the east from Airport and west f ...

Main Products : Hardware, Cabinet Spart, Lid Stay, Flap Stay... More

Stone---Xiamen Hongzhanxing Co., Ltd   

We make stone products.Pls contact us if you need any stone products.We are just a stone manufacturer, but we can offer you all stone items you need.We can be your reliable supplier here.We ensure wha ...

Main Products : granite, tile, slab, countertop, pavingstone, mosaic... More

Dongying Hainel Precision Metal Co., Ltd.   

Our company -- Dongying Hainel Precision Metal Co. Ltd. is a joint venture enterprise.As a manufacturer, we have more than 10 years? experience in manufacture castings by 'dewaxing technology' (invest ...

Main Products : marine hardware, precision casting, kitchen hardware... More

CHINA TWOWIN STONE COMPANY EXPORT Granite Counter Tops,Kitchen Granite   

CHINA TWOWIN STONE COMPANY EXPORT Granite Counter Tops,Kitchen Granite,Bathroom Counter Top,Granite Kitchen Island,Bar Counter Top,Bathroom Counter Tops,Vanity Counter Top,Granite Countertops,Countert ...

Main Products : Granite Counter Tops, Kitchen Granite, Bathroom Counter Top... More

Guangzhou Baoliya complex material CO.LTD   

Our company adopts advanced techinque and strives to establish the "baoliya"brand.Our products include:Artificial stone panel series,artificial stone basin series,artificial stone joint pedestal basin ...

Main Products : artificial stone for countertop, sink, pvc water proof board... More

King construction Hardware Inc   

King construction hardware was found in 2001, we are specializing in shower room and bathroom products. such as: shower hinges, glass clips, shower door knobs & pulls, bathroom accessories,faucets a ...

Main Products : shower door hinge, glass clip, shower door knobs and pulls... More

China Newstar Stone Co.,Ltd   

China Newstar Stone Company specializes in supplying Granite and Marble kitchen countertop, vanity top, tile, slabs and so on. We are particularly good at project orders for Hotel, Home, Public eara, ...

Main Products : marble granite countertop slate tile... More
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