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Buyer’s Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why would I want to register for a buyer’s Account?

By registering as a buyer on allproducts.com you will be able to use our various services that are only available to our registered buyers such as using our Free Sourcing services, sending out inquiries to suppliers and posting trade lead messages.

2. How do I register for a buyer’s account?

To register for a buyer’s account please go to the following link and follow the instructions on the page http://www.allproducts.com/Inquiry/Buyer/JoinStep1.html

3. How do I log in?

When you click on Inquire or Contact button into the Inquiry Form that system will ask you to type in your Email and Password (Buyer ID).

You will always need to login to access secure parts of the site. But, if you enable the cookies in your computer, the site can remember your login name and password and allow you access to public pages without having to log in every time you want to make an inquire.

4. Why do I get an error when I type in my password?

Check how you are typing your password. Remember the passwords for Allproducts.com are case sensitive. Example, if you entered “Jackson” as password during registration, the site will only accept “Jackson”, not “Jackson” or “JACKSON”.

Check if you unintentionally have your keyboard CAPS LOCK on. Most users commonly overlook this. Thus, they unknowingly enter their password in ALL CAPS when they intended to type it in lower case.

5. What if I forgot my password?

Simply click on the “Forgot password”button on the Buyer’s Register/Login page, enter your email address and click “send my password” button, we will send a new Password to you by E-mail.

6. How do I get my cookies to work?

Your browser must support cookies to sign in at allproducts.com.

A cookie in the Internet world is a small piece of information stored by your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape) that helps websites to keep a record of users. Allproducts.com uses cookies to allow members quicker to their information each time they return to our website.

A cookie error can be caused by inappropriate cookie setting of your browser. Please take the following steps to have a check:

If you are still unable to solve this problem, please try to find the directory where your system is installed, e.g. C: Windows; then go to sub-directory "Cookies" and "Temporary Internet Files"; then delete all files named "Cookies".

Please reboot your computer when you have finished the above.

7. How do I update my profile?

To modify your member information, please:

8. How do I post/submit my products?

Please register for a Supplier’s account as our Buyer’s account and Supplier’s account are two separate accounts. You can only post your products through a supplier’s account. To register for a supplier’s account please visit http://submit.allproducts.com/

9. How Do I Search Products or Suppliers?

Example 1 :Looking for a listing of "modem" products
  Select: "search for products".
Key in: modem

Example 2 : Looking for "modem" manufacturers or exporters.
  Select: "search for suppliers".
Key in: modem

Example 3 : Narrow down the search in Example 2 to "PCMCIA AND modem".
  Continue from Example 2, select "search for suppliers" and "search in last query results".
Key in: PCMCIA

Example 4 : You can use boolean expression, like "AND" ,"OR" and "NOT"
  to search for an item that contains both "power" and "supply",
Key in: power and supply

to search for an item that contains "power" or "supply",
Key in: power and supply

to search for an item that contains "power" but not "supply",
Key in: power and supply

Example 5 : Looking for special words, like "and","or", "not" or special character like "."
  Key In: " and "

Example 6 : Looking for two or more words shown in exact order.
  Key In: " power supply "
(Returns items containing the word power next to the word supply)

Example 7 : Looking for case sensitive terms.
  Key In: " power supply "
(Returns items containing the word Power next to the word Supply)

10. How to Use inquiry Basket.

The Inquiry Basket works like a shopping cart. For registered members, you can add an unlimited number of products or suppliers to your list and continue searching. Then, you can send out your inquiries all at once to the products or suppliers you have selected.

To add items to your Inquiry Basket, please make an inquiry from:

Product Search
Supplier Search

If you have any further questions please contact service@allproducts.com.