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Allproducts.com guarantees buyers to find import/export trade leads and fulfill sourcing transactions in a timely and cost efficient manner. As our valuable supplier, you can interact in the intuitive and fully functional e-marketplace with buyers worldwide, including a wide selection of the world's largest buyers and the most active buyers in allproducts.com community using the My Catalog Service.

My Catalog Service includes
* E-Catalog Platform for suppliers to post detailed product information,
* Data Analyzing Platform to bring buyers trade leads based on historical trading data and preferences,
* Active i-Matching Platform to automatically connect and match potential buyers and suppliers,
* Negotiation Platform to respond price inquiries/quotations, and
* Transaction Platform to complete the payment process and commence shipping.

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Four easy steps to create your product webpage in allproducts.com:
Step 1.
Set your login account and contact information.
(System will send you a notice letter to your email account.)
Step 2.
Set up your company and business information.
Step 3.
Set up your 5 Products information.
Step 4.
Make the final confirmation.
After an approval by service account, your webpage in allproducts.com will be online.

Furthermore, effectively promoting our community to buyers is another key to your success. To reach buyers worldwide, we promote allproducts.com in the print media, on the Internet and at trade shows. We keep putting tremendous efforts drive buyers to our site where they look for, and send inquiries to, suppliers like you. With our e-promotion, you leverage the high marketing investment we make to build and grow the community of buyers that use allproducts.com

The above multiple, powerful, and effective functions and performance ensure you tightly hold and directly access to every business opportunity to achieve your success!.

Create Your Own Website

Your corporate website hosted by allproducts.com demonstrates your company on the Internet. We perform a professional guidance and consultancy in website designing and producing with sections such as Company Profile, Product Showroom, Extended Company Information and more. The variety of designs you can choose from lets you select the output that is suitable for your corporate image and products. It allows you to set-up your website, update pages, change design, and add or remove product information with ease.

Basic Portions
* Homepage - introduces your company as well as the products and services you provide.
* Company Profile - gives a basic overview of the key information about your company
* Product Showroom - shows a comprehensive description of your products complete with full color images
* Extended Company Information - provides detailed company features and operational information with colored images

Primary Benefits
* Customized webpage for selling
Several professional designs for your online corporate presence at your own choice. These designs have been specifically created to help you present the information to attract and communicate with buyers. Company and product information may be updated anytime, ensuring that your clients updated.
* Internet presence for marketing
Processing your own corporate webpage allows your clients and prospects to view information about your company and products online. You can place your URL on company letterhead, in advertisements and other corporate materials that you use to market your products and services


Advertising / Marketing Tools
  Banner advertising is an effective way to promote your products and attract target buyer world wide. More than thousands of buyers use allproducts.com to search the products they need. Now use allproducts.com banner to dramatically increase traffic to your site!
Magazines / CD-Rom
  Allproducts.com's Buyer Guide Magazines/CD-Ram is gateway to check out all of our online products via Magazines/CD-Rom digital catalog. Our Buyer's Guide Magazines/CD-Ram provides global buyers with the special profile and latest news about manufacturers, suppliers and products. If you are interested in advertising your products in any of allproducts.com's magazines or CD-Roms, please contact us now!