Sunpow Industrial Limited
Since our inception in 1996 Sunpow have been dedicated to the business of rechargeable battery packs and solar consumer electronics.Our products include rechargeable battery pack for PDA, professional camcorder,GPS, DVD player,MP3 player,digital camera, video camcorder
laptop, two way radio, cellular phone, barcode scanner,electric bike,CMOS,etc.

Battery products:
iPod Batteries
iPod 1G&2G(UP325385A4H), iPod 3G(616-0159), iPod 4G(616-0183), iPod Photo(616-0206)
iPod Mini(EC003), iPod Shuffle(616-0212), iPod Nano(616-0223), iPod Video(616-0229,616-0230)

Professional Camcorder Batteries
Sony Batteries:
NP-1, NP-1A, NP-1B

IDX Batteries:

PDA Batteries
Palm Batteries:
Palm M515(S3261, UP383562A), Palm M550(IA1TA16A0), Palm IIIC(170-0737), Palm V/VX
palm I705, Palm Tungsten C/W(LIS2106, 169-2492, 169-4399), Palm M130/M135(F21918595)
Palm M150/M155, Zire 21, Palm Zire 71(IA1W721H2), Palm Life Drive

Compaq&HP Batteries:
iPAQ 3100-3700(167648), iPAQ 3800-3900(263897-001,263897-001, 233488-001, DLP345794, 35H00003-00), iPAQ 1910(311314-002, 311315-B21, 311340-001,FA191A), iPAQ H2100(310798-B21), iPAQ H4150(343110-001), iPAQ 5500(290483-B21, 290484-B21, 291384-001, 311534-001, FA139A), iPAQ RX3715(364401-001, 360136-001, 367205-001, FA285A, FA286A),iPAQ HX4700 (359113-001), iPAQ RZ1710(367194-001), iPAQ H6300(FA235A#AC3, 350525-001),Compaq Aero 1500, HP HW6515 (377358-001), HP Jornada 520/525(F1798), HP Jornada 928(F2937A)

Sony Batteries:
Sony Clie PEG-T415,Clie 65(UP523048, 175625411, LIS1228), Clie PEG-SJ30(LIS1259), Clie NZ90
(PEGA-BP500), Clie PEG-N600(UP503759-A4H,UP503759-N760), Clie PEG-TJ25, Clie S500c(LIS1161)
Clie PEG-UX50/UX40(UP5530)

Handspring Batteries:
Handspring Treo 270(HND 14-0024-00), Treo 90/180(HND 14-0019-02), Treo 600(CA4TREO600)
Treo 650(157-10014-00,419735, 3184WW), Visor Prism(14-006-007), Visor Edge(14-0007-00), Visor Pro

O2 Batteries:
O2 XDA I(35H10008-80,UP385385), O2 XDA II(PH17B), O2 XDA III(PH26B), O2 XDA II MINI(PM16A)
O2 XDA Iis(PH26B), 02 XPhone, 02 XPhone(ST26A)

Dell Batteries:
Dell Axim X3/X30(X1111), Axim X5(1X390, F0089), Axim X50(310-5964, T6845, T6476, 35h00056-00, HC03U)

Toshiba Batteries:
Toshiba E310(LAB503759C), Toshiba E400(UP423467), Toshiba E500(LAB544060C), Toshiba E550G
Toshiba E740(PA3187U-1BRS), Toshiba E800(PA3330P-1BAS, PA3330P-1BRS)

Blackberry Batteries:
Blackberry 6210(BAT-03087-002), Blackberry R957(ASY-02965-001), Blackberry(BAT-06860-001)

Casio Batteries:
Casio E-500(JK-210LT,JK-213LT)

Game Player Batteries
Sony Sony PSP-1000K,PSP-1000(PSP-110)
Nintendo DS(NTR-003, SAM-NDSRBP)

DVD Player Batteries
Panasonic CGP-H501, CGR-H601
Samsung DVD-L100/L200(PA-SB100)
Contel PDV-D200, PDV-D500
Cyberhome CH-LDV700B, CH-LDV702, CH-LDV712, CH-LDV707B
Coby TF-DVD5000, TF-DVD7100, TF-DVD7300, TF-DVD7330,TF-DVD500, TF-DVD520,TF-DVD550
Apollo Nextbase SDV17, SDV185, SDV77, SDV756

iPod Accessories
iPod USB cable, iPod splitter cable, iPod dock connector, iPod cassette adaptor, iPod car adaptor, iPod speaker, iPod car charger, iPod travel charger, iPod earphone, iPod travel bag, iPod leather case, iPod silicon case, iPod crystal case

Solar products:
Solar charger, solar car deodorizer, solar car ashtray, solar sensor light(solar centurion light),solar radio, solar torch, solar watch, solar keychain, solar desk lamp, solar pest killer lamp, solar bike light, etc

USB products:
USB hub, USB light, USB combo, USB Floppy drive, USB CD-ROM, USB DVD-ROM, USB CD-RW drive, Card reader, Game cable, etc

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