The Tension Tent

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The Armbruster TensionTent is a revolutionary design concept incorporating the highest structural standards ever available in a tent system. Utilizing premium grade fabrics, all stainless steel hardware, and engineered structural grade anodized aluminum pipe, the Tension Tent delivers unsurpassed quality and strength at an economical price. Each Tension Tent is full engineered, certifiable, and designed to exceed the most stringent code requirements. Why settle for less? The Tension Tent offers the finest materials available combined with the Armbruster tradition of quality workmanship. We challenge your to find a better value on the market today. We invite you to own today, the standard by which all fabrics structures will compared.
  • 36', 48', 72' and 112' widths with lengths expandable for maximum versatility.
  • Three strength levels:
    • Rental with 15lb/sq.ft. loading for short term applications.
    • Wind with 20lb. Loading for intermediate applications.
    • Snow with 25lb. Loading for year around applications.
  • 15 year life span.
  • No side guys or stakes for maximum safety and ease of access.
  • Aesthetic design provides elegant interior space.
  • Minimum interior obstructions for maximum usable space.
  • Variety of side-wall options with the patented Armbruster Weatherproof Closure System.
  • Simplified, foolproof installation with true articulating tensioning system.
  • Set-up requires manual labor only.
  • First time set-up supervision standard.
  • Equipped with lightning protection.

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