Dry - Wet Dual Purpose Laminator

Product ID: GSFM-650, GSFM-880, GSFM-1200

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GSFM-650, GSFM-880, GSFM-1200 dry-wet dual purpose laminator is a product with high pressure in press, reliable and safe in operation and it feature compact structure, excellent manufacture, small floor space and good safety merit's. The laminator is suitable for laminating of plastic and plastic film, or plastic and paper film, it is widely used in illustrations, covers, pictures, maps photographs, drawings, cards, advertisements, packing and food making boxes, etc. The laminate can be waterproof, duseproof and durable, giving more clear stereoscopic and exquisite looking.
Model 650 model 880 model 1200 model
Laminating width(mm) 650 850 1200
Laminating speeds(m/min) 0-20 0-20 0-20
Laminating temperature(Celsius) 50-100 50-100 50-100
Laminating pressure(MPa) 4.8-24.5 4.8-24.5 4.8-24.5
Motor power(kW) 1.8 2.2 3.8
Heating capacity(kW) 11.6 15.6 18.8
Overall dimensions(L x W x H) 4100 x 1100 x 2400(mm) 4700 x 1400 x 2400(mm) 5550 x 1750 x 2600(mm)
Net weight 1900kg 2400kg 3400kg

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