Clay Roofing Tile: Oriental Style - Natural Red & Glazed Colors

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M.C.A.' s Oriental Tile is a unique, interlocking, high quality tile made in the Japanese tradition. Without the use of ornaments, this tile is used in western contemporary designs. The most traditional color used for a Japanese style tea house or temple is the Japanese Black. C-09. This style has many accessory pieces and detailed ornaments available for use. Various glazed colors are available.
  • Tile Specifications:
    • Actual size: 12'' x 12''
    • Exposed size: (10-1/2)'' x (9-1/2)''
    • Weight per square: 864lbs
    • Weight per piece: 6lbs
    • No. of pieces per sq: 144pcs
  • Metric Tile Specifications:
    • Actual size: 305mm x 305mm
    • Exposed size: 266mm x 241mm
    • Weight per M2: 54kg
    • Weight per piece: 3.6kg
    • No. of pieces per M2: 15.5kg

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