Clay Roofing Tile - Corona Tapered Mission ( Natural Red & Flashed Colors)

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For the timely elegance of old world tradition, M. C. A. used new technology to create our Corona Tapered Mission Tile. Originally hand-crafted by molding clay to the body's thigh, this heritage has spanned the centuries for today's installations. Old Spanish or Mediterranean designs are well suited for corona Tapered Mission Tile and will enhance the beauty of your project. Custom blends are also available.
  • Tile Specifications:
    • Actual size: 19'' x 8.71'' (5.94'')
    • Exposed size: 16'' x 10''
    • Weight per square: 1050lbs
    • Weight per piece: 7lbs
    • No. of pieces per sq: 150pcs
  • Metric Tile Specifications:
    • Actual size: 483mm x 222mm(151mm)
    • Exposed size: 406mm x 25 4mm
    • Weight per M2: 51.27kg
    • Weight per piece: 3.18kg
    • No. of pieces pet M2: 16.1kg

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