Cr-Mo steel liners

Cr-Mo steel liners

Double-Media Quenching Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy Steel Series

Product ID: DF002

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They are series of wear material which we design specially for ball mill liners in coal-fired power plants, mines and cement plants, etc.. With our special double-media quenching process, the material can not only achieve ideal hardness (HRC48~55) but also ideal toughness value (AK30~100J). It can completely meet the requirement of liners of large and middle-size ball mills at home and abroad. The match of Middle Chrome Liners and High Chrome Cast Balls has been the typical model in coal mills and cement mills. Meanwhile, the material is applicable to the teeth plates, armored plates and hammers of crushers and excavator bucket teeth.
  • Higher Hardness
    • HRC48~55
  • Higher Toughness Value
    • impact value(AK): 30~100J.
  • Even Hardness Distribution
    • The hardness difference from surface to center is controlled within HRC1.
  • DL/T681-1999

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