Swimsafe Floatsuit - Ultimate Swimming Aid For Young Children

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Invented in Australia under stringent standards and regulations , the Swimsafe Floatsuit is a swimming aid for children learning to swim. The Swimsafe floatsuit is a worldwide patented product ( Patent no. 52145-98 ) and it is the only floatsuit in the market that has a flexible ring of foam in the neck of the suit to support the child's head in the water.

The Swimsafe floatsuit has specially moulded flexible panels of foam in the chest and in the back of the suit , so that the child's arms and legs are left completely freely to move in and out of the water. This enables the child to learn to swim naturally, easily and confidently.

Available in 4 attractive colourful designs for boys and girls aged 2 - 8 years; the Swimsafe floatsuit is developed to build confidence for the child when playing in the water. What's more ; the Swimsafe floatsuit has a sun protective rating of UPF 50+. This protects the wearer from the harmful solar radiation from the sun.
  • CE Certified
    • For European Market
  • Patented Floatsuit
    • Patent No. 52145-98
  • Australian Standards
    • The Swimsafe Floatsuit has undergone the most stringent testing and is both fully endorsed by safety authorities in Australia, United States, Japan and in other countries.
  • Sun Protected at UPF 50+
    • Protects the wearer from harmful solar radiation of the sun
  • Built In Flexible Ring Of Neck Foam
    • Keeps Child's Head Above Water
  • Built in Flexible Foam
    • Allows the child to move freely and comfortably
  • Zip fastener at the back
    • Safety for the child yet easy to wear and remove
  • Available in 4 attractive designs

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Swimsafe Floatsuit - Ultimate Swimming Aid For Young Children