Salto Trampoline

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The Salto-Trampoline fascinates adults and children alike; it allows everyone (from 20 to 90 kg), even those with no experience, unlimited jumps up to 10 metres high, with no risk, which is not possible with an ordinary trampoline. Even people with certain physical disabilities are able to use it.The Salto Trampoline is very simple to use and the operator's manual is very clear and well-explained. It is equipped with an efficient client control apparatus, using a counter and a timer (option). Location options are numerous: attraction parks- beaches - sales promotions - swimming pools - summer camps - schools - discotheques - fairs - festivals - camping grounds - acrobatic training - water parks - gymnastics - rental for events, outdoors and indoors, you can invent your own location. This is a sure-fire money-maker. Just like on the Salto-Trampoline, your earnings will soar! As a new attraction and an excellent publicity support, it draws the crowds. The Salto-Trampoline, with a small initial investment, is the most profitable attraction available at this time. Its working expenses are very low and you have a rapid return on your investment.

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