Baby cradle

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1. Patented construction & designs. The first innovator
& sole design, no similar item to compete in the

2. Patented concealed magnetic influence system with
Dc 6V adapter power to swing the cradle, no
vibration or sound, very stable and comfortable to
let baby sleep well, feel just as sleeping in Mom's
arms. It is quite different from tradtional electrical
cradle by motor system in noisy sound.

3. Approved by Taiwan Industrial Development
Bureau. Upgrading functionality, quality and

4. Safety cradle railing protected, insulated Abs plastic
body, no conductive, uneasy broken and no
poisonous. Upgrading functionality, quality and

5. Swing time setting and strength controling. Concealed
cradle wheels, convenient for moving.

6. Easy installation by hand without any tool needed.

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