Performance Wheels

Performance Wheels

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Performance wheels

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The wheels can be used in cars, SUVs, trucks,jeeps, etc.
We also produce: Alloy rims, chrome wheels, performance wheels, replica wheels, suv wheels, aluminum alloy wheels, chrome alloy, chrome alloy wheels, aluminum alloy wheels, truck wheels, offset wheels.
Our main proudcts searies are 12 to 26 inch aluminium wheels in nearly 100 styles and more than 300 different specifications.At present, our main export markets are North America, Europe,the Middle East and Japan.It is estimated that our production capacity will reach 800,000 pieces by this year

Our advantages:
Easy Transport:15 minutes' drive to the airport and 60 minutes' drive to the seaport.
Lower cost:Lower labour cost and cheaper logistic cost.
High Quality:Virgin material,accurate machining,Strict quality control and full testing.
Scale production:Modernized factory with automatic production lines meets huge demand.

We adopt both metal gravity casting and low pressure casting technology to make wheels. The whole manufacturing process goes through Mold production-Material analysis-Aluminum alloy ingot meltion - Alloy liquid degassing-Mold paintion and preheationg - Casting - Degationg - X-Ray test - Heat treatment - Conversion - Machining and driling - Dimension and Dynamic balance test - Air leakage test - Cleaning and rinsing - Painting/Polishing/Chrome plating - Final inspection - Packing and storing.
To fulfill the making of qualified wheel, we have introduced sets of modern equipments and facilities of:
Meltiong furnace
Low pressure casting machine
Gravity casting machine
Solution and aging heat treatment furnace;
CNC machines and machining center;
Automatic paintiong line
With these machines and groups of imported CNC lathes, we realize an annual production turnout of 800,000 pieces of alloy wheels.
Size P.C.D ET Color
19*8.5 100-120.65 15/35 Chrome/Painting
19*9.5 100-120.65 15/35 Chrome/Painting

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Alloy Wheels, Alloy Rims, Chrome Wheels, Performance Wheels, Replica Wheels, Suv Wheels, Aluminum Alloy Wheels, Chvome Alloy, Chrome Alloy wheels, Aluminum Alloy Wheels, Truck Wheels, Offset Wheels