Glitter Gel Ink Pen

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Customize colors as follows:
A. Neon: Orange, purple, blue, pink, yellow, green.
B. Pastel: Orange, purple, blue, pink, yellow, green.
C. Metallic: Black, bright red, deep blue, purple, green, orange, light blue, gold, silver, and mauve.
D. Glitter: Orange, sapphire red, purple, green, deep blue, yellow, silver, bright red, gold, grass green, black, rose red, blue and green, coffee, deep orange, light purple, light blue, bronze-colored, gray.
E. Normal: Black, blue, red, green.

We have many kinds of packing, such color box, display box, pack andso on. The fastness is good. Actually, we can make any designs or patterns as every customer's requirements.
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