Steel and rubber wheel pressure tank

Steel and rubber wheel pressure tank

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pressure tank

Product ID: STU-SUS &TS-LM2 pressure tank

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press tank
-Rugged,portable tanks of steel or stainless construction for use in pressure application applying: semiconductor manufacturing process paints,adhesives,waterborne,porcelains,enamel,ink etc,
-All models are built to uphold standards of reliability,durability and safety with 45 years proven field performance
-Two working pressure ranges:40psi and 100psi.
-All vessels are single regulated.dual regulation is available as an option
-Casters are provided on all models 10l and larger.A hand rial and spray gun are provided for ease of portability and operation
  • T-30L pressure tank
    • T type air motor automatic mixer
  • S-10L pressure tank
    • S type Manual mixer
  • S-60L pressure tank
    • Manual mixer
  • P-40L pressure tank
    • P type for material not deposited easily
  • P-80L pressure tank
    • P type for material not deposied easily
  • S-10Lpressure tank
    • S-30L pressure tank,S-60L pressure tank;S-80L pressure tank
  • P-10L pressure tank
    • P-2L pressure tank;P-80L pressure tank;P30L pressure tank;P-40L pressure tank
  • ISO

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