Standard and Medium Brightness Neon Lamps

Product ID: NE-2

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We are one of leading ISO9001 certificated Neon lamp manufacturer of the world. We export various colour and types Neon lamps and Neon lamp with the resistor base on competitive price and high quality to the worldwide market.
  • Neon lamp^$Product Name: Standard and Medium Brightness Neon Lamps
  • Model Number: NE-2, NE-2C
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Specifications:
  • 1) NE-2 4X10 NE-2C 4X10
  • 2) NE-2 5X12 NE-2C 5X12
  • 3) NE-2 6X12 NE-2C 6X12
  • 4) NE-2 6X16 NE-2C 6X16
  • 5) NE-2 6X18 NE-2C 6X18
  • Inner packing
  • 2 inner boxes
  • Strong export carton
  • Carton dimensions:39 x 31 x 21cm or 36 x 34 x 34cm^#
  • Certificate
    • ISO9001
    • CE

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