blind rivet

Product ID: blind rivet

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Rivets manufactured in Maowang are used in the following applications; aircraft and ships, consturction, appliances,truck & bus, electrical equipment, heating and air conditioning, building specialties, manufacturing specialties and so on. 2.Models available: ACB, AAB, CCB, SSB, AAC, CCC, SSC, ACC, ACBF, ASBF, ACCF, ACL, AAL, CCL, SSL, ACBMG, ASBMG, ACCMG, CCBMG, CCBM, ASP, SS71, AA71, BB71, SS71C, SS21, AA41, SS04, BBS11, SSP-01, BBP61, SSN, AAN, SSNC, DL, SSQ, ASQ
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001

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Self-clinching fastener, nut, stud, standoff, bolt, threaded insert