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CableTest CBT Series
Model 300A Integral Type
Model 300A Integral Type
The CBT series is a self-contained, portable, rugged, reliable and compact cable tester, ideal for field use for underground buried or pipeline cable testing and fault locating. It is consist of flash testing, path tracing, and fault locating sections. Flash test section is used to approximately detect the position of fault point from one end of the cable, and also used for measuring cable length and electric wave propagation velocity in cable. Path signal generator is integrated and is able to generate 15 kHz sine wave signal, which is used for buried cable path tracing and depth measuring. Fault locator is a standard accessory and is used for accurately locating position of fault point within the range of flash test detected coarse length range.
  • Integrated Path Signal Generator^$- Generate 15 kHz sine wave signal
  • - Output power not less than 30 watt
  • - Vibration type: intermittent
  • - Voltage 220 V AC +/- 10%, 50 Hz
  • - Working ambient: -10 to 45 deg. C^#Standard Accessory: Point Locator^$- Sensibility: Signal generator of 50 ohm sending 300 Hz signal, point locator maintains non-distorted output of 2 V, input signal not above 10 micro-volts at signal to noise ratio better than 20:1
  • - Task type selection:
  • Point locating I: Signal received via 300 Hz filter amplifier
  • Point locating II: Signal received via direct amplifier
  • Path tracing: Path tracing and depth measuring
  • - Input impedance not less than 1.2 k. ohm
  • - Ear phone 2 x 2000 ohm
  • - Working voltage: 9 V +/- 10%
  • - Working current: locating 5 mA, tracing 7 mA
  • - Working ambient: -10 to 45 deg. C
  • - Sizes and weight: 455x300x180 mm, 8 kg^#Model 400A Separate Type^$It has all the same functions and specifications
  • as 300A integral type. The differences are that the display and calculation sections are in the
  • computer, and additionally more functions like computer management system software, double line cursors for length indication, result storage
  • and printing out. Sizes and weight: 455 x 300 x 190 mm, 8 kg^#High Voltage Auxiliary Stand^$Code 200-3 is an integral station of high voltage generation and control in assistance to cable failure testing and locating.
  • - AC voltage output: 40 KV
  • - AC current output: 60 mA
  • - DC voltage output: 56 KV
  • - DC current output: 60 mA
  • - Impulse voltage output: 30 KV
  • - Working voltage: 220 VAC 50 Hz
  • - Capacity: 3 KVA
  • - Capacitor: 1 micro F/30 KV (impulse)
  • - Sizes and weight: 700x310x730 mm, 70 kg^#
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