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PressCali ECP Series Portable Pressure Calibrators

ECP3600 self-contained portable pressure calibrator is best for field calibration, commissioning and maintenance of both instruments and their control loops, with capabilities of pressure and electric measurement, data storage, as well as facilities for 4 to 20 mA loop testing. It contains a built-in pressure generator with fine pressure control. The rugged industrial design is styled such that the pressure pump can be operated and test leads connected without compromising the visibility of the larger parameter display. The file storage function offers memory of up to 60 sets of instruments including information of tag numbers and calibration data.
  • Features^$- Pressure transducer: high linear, long term stability and temperature compensation;
  • - Microprocessor based, press to zero pressure,
  • mA and voltage drift;
  • - Built-in hand pump with fine adjustment vernier and vent valve;
  • - Built-in rechargeable 6V DC cells and fast charger for 220V AC 50Hz supply;
  • - Engineering unit selected from MPa /mH2O /mHg /PSI, or kPa /mmH2O /mmHg /PSI;
  • - Larger display: 5 digits LCD, simultaneously
  • Indicate pressure, percentage and mA or voltage, soft menu and information column.^#Technical Specifications^$Pressure reading accuracy and ranges:
  • Please refer to range table followed.
  • Pressure generating by built-in pump:
  • Selectable range from -13 to 290 PSI (-90kPa to 2Mpa).
  • Electric accuracy and ranges:
  • Voltage: 0-200V, accuracy 0.05% FS.
  • Current: 0-30mA, accuracy 0.05% FS.
  • Output power for loop:
  • Output Power: 24V DC +/-10%, max. current not exceeding 50mA.
  • Temperature:
  • Wider temperature from 5 to 40 deg. C.
  • Process connection: Standard M20x1.5 F with flexible hose adaptor
  • Sizes / Weight: 300x150x115mm /2.5kg.^#
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