Non-Sterlie gauze sponges

Product ID: medical dressing

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● Yarn: Available in multiple cotton yarns: 21's, 32's, 40's, 41's...
● Mesh: Available in multiple mesh 24x20, 20x16, 19x15, 20x12, 19x9,
17x7...( or in 9 Threads, 11 threads, 13 threads... )
● Size: Available in 2x2", 3x3", 4x4", 8x4"...
● Ply: available with 4ply, 8ply, 12ply, 16ply...
● Edge: Available with or without folded edge.
● Color: Available in White, Green, Blue colors
● X-Ray: Available with or without X-Ray detectable.
● Standards: USP, BP, EP...
  • 2x2"-8ply( 5cm x 5cm - 8ply )^$200pcs/sleeve pack, 25pks/ctn
  • - 2x2"-8ply( 5cm x 5cm - 8ply ), cotton Filled,--- 200pcs/sleeve pack, 25pks/ctn
  • ^#2x2"-12ply ( 5cm x 5cm - 12ply^$200pcs/sleeve pack, 40pks/ctn
  • ^#3x3"-8ply( 7.6cm x 7.6cm - 8ply)^$200pcs/sleeve pack, 20pks/ctn
  • ^#3x3"-12ply(7.6cm x 7.6cm - 12ply^$200pcs/sleeve pack, 20pks/ctn
  • ^#4x4"-8ply( 10cm x 10cm -8ply )--- ^$200pcs/sleeve pack, 20pks/ctn
  • ^#
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    4x4"-12ply( 10cm x 10cm -12ply )---^$200pcs/sleeve pack, 20pks/ctn^#4x4"-16ply( 10cm x 10cm -16ply )---^$200pcs/sleeve pack, 20pks/ctn^#4x8"-8ply( 10cm x 12cm -8ply )--- ^$200pcs/sleeve pack, 20pks/ctn^#4x8"-12ply( 10cm x 12cm -12ply ^$200pcs/sleeve pack, 20pks/ctn^#4x8"-16ply( 10cm x 12cm -16ply ^$200pcs/sleeve pack, 20pks/ctn^#
    • CE
    • ISO9001

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