Coin hopper

Product ID: CJHP-565

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The product is solid, durable and widely applied to arcade game
machines, coin changer machines, self-service copy machines
and vending machines.
We have 3 types of con hoppers:
1. CO-06 : PC case with metal coin plate
2. CO-07 : alluminum alloy case with metal coin plate
3. CJHP-565: PC case with plasitc coin plate
  • Diameter: ^$CO-06, CO-07: 18 cm
  • CJHP-565, CJHP-575: 14 cm^#Weight:^$CO-06: 2.08 kg
  • CO-07: 2.30 kg
  • CJHP-565, CJHP-575: 1.88 kg^#Power voltage:^$110/220 V^#Coin size:^$CO-06, CO-07: coin size adjustable
  • CJHP-565: Applicable for coins or tokens of diameter 18-24mm, thickness 1.5-1.8mm
  • CJHP-575: Applicable for coins or tokens of diameter 24-29mm, thickness 1.6-2.0mm^#
  • Features
  • PC case^$Our hopper is made of PC material, namely polycarbonate.
  • Polycarbonate is becoming more common in housewares as well as laboratories and in industry.
  • It is often used to create protective features because it's very durable.^#Gear wheels^$Our gear wheels are made of medium-carbon steel.
  • We insist on using CNC formed gear wheels for the hoppers.
  • This kind of gear wheels is much more durable than the molded gear wheels. The teeth of the molded gear wheels fray out more easily.^#Coil^$eat-resistant copper coil, up to 125蚓. The hopper shuts down automatically when the temperature reached 105蚓, and turns on again when the temperature is lowered to protect the hopper.^#100% Made in Taiwan^$^#Quick and correct counting^$^#
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