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Product ID: CES-830I

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Vertical Precision Milling Machine

1.Variable speed frequency drive allows speeds from 200 to 2250 RPM.
2.Fold up safety handles.
3.Head tilts to 90° both ways. 360° rotation on horizontal surface.
4.Lower noise and convenient operation.
5.Table locks for high rigidity.
6.Cast iron construction throughout machine
7.Forward/ Reversing switch with emergency stop.
8.High precision ground vertical and cross ways.
9.Spindle stop with micro-adjustable setting.

This Precision Milling Machine compared to other similar products belongs to high quality level.

■Electronic variable spindle speed control
■Reversing switch
■Adjustable travel stops on X & Y
■Fold up safety handles
■One shot lubrication
■Tilting head
■Turret style column
■Fine down feed on quill
■Dovetail ways

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