Product ID: HK-5110A

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1. Interface characteristic: compatible with RS-232C and RS-485 standards by EIA/TIA.
2. Electric interface: 10 terminals for RS-232C and RS-485 interface ends.
3. Transmission media: twisted pair cable or shielded cable.
4. Operation mode: asynchronous half duplex.
5. Signal indication:7 pilot lamps for Power (PWR),Send (TD),Receive (RD).Failure(E1-E4).
6. Isolation degree: isolation voltage 2500Vrms 500DC non-stop, DC/DC module.
7. Transmission rate: 115.2K-300BPS.
8. Protection grade: ±15KV ESD protection for RS-232 interface and 600W lighting surge protection for each RS-485 interface.
9. Transmission distance:0-5,000 meters (115,200bps-300bps).
10. Dimensions: 1200mmX72mmX2mm.
11. Working Circumstance: -25 to 70 degree C, relative humidity 5%-95%.

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