OTP TOKEN-SecureCard 2000

OTP TOKEN-SecureCard 2000

otp token,one time password,Security token

Product ID: one time password

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OTP TOKEN-SecureCard 2000
1,size: 7.2cm*4.6cm*0.32cm(Less than bank cards)
2,Password length:8 or 12.
3,one time password updata time:60 seconds
4,3rd floor, not dropped from the break
5,The appearance of size and bank cards almost
One-time password server introduce
Can run on the following operating systems: Windows 2000/Windows 2003 Server/Windows 2008/Windows XP Linux Unix and so on.
Support the following database: SQL Server 2000/SQL Server 2005/SQL Server 2008 Oracle MySQL and so on.
Provides the following development interface: Radius interface API interface, include C&C++/VB/JAVA/PB/DELPHI/ASP/JSP/PHP,and so on.
Standard Support
OATH based, The detail please refer ietf standards RFC 4226 (Read RFC4226)
  • OTP-CE

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otp token,one time password,Security token,Dynamic password