Grain dryer machine

Product ID: 5HXG-300

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Multiple applications
This product can dry rice, wheat, corn, soybeans and other crops, increased the using efficiency and using area of machine.
Fast drying
The drying method is constant speed drying, which is the most advance in current international. Guaranteed the precipitation rate and satisfied large amount fast drying.
Grain security
This product has the most advanced grain drying process software, improve the grain drying process security greatly and prevent from over-drying and inadequate drying.
Simple operation
Tianyu Grain Dryer is equipped with advanced computer testing control system. Drying process software synchronized with abroad, operation is simple and convenient. Everyone can become drying expert easily.
Reliable operation
The product is optimum designed response of the use condition in our country. Ensure equipment safety and reliability, provide strong protection equipment for grain drying season.
The various parts of the product are made of hig

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