AP for WISP, watch dog, no lockups

AP for WISP, watch dog, no lockups

new innovative ideal AP for WISP

Product ID: XPRO-2408G

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The main advantage are as follows,

A) cost-effective

B) it is 800mW on board without booster inside, best signal clarity, up to 25Km,

C) big memory + auto watchdog: 32+8MB big memory and higher-level CPU for sophisticated and enhanced features like 4x SSID, v-LAN, WMM (QoS), enhanced encryption standard (up to WPA2), plus the auto watchdog, it supports the unprecedented stability than ever, it is much more ideal AP for WISP and bigger open network. The reliability and no lockups is most valuable and important, and its on-board 800mW without booster (no self harmonic noise) provides the best possible throughput. No-lockups and high throughput are 2 items most important for WISP operators !!

The reasons for NO ‘hang’ (lock-up) reports are 2: automatic watchdog and BIG memory. It already in-built a watchdog, there is no such option in configuration, but it is there in firmware, watching the wireless part (not Ethernet part). The AP will send a checking packet every 20 sec. if no ACK from any party after 20 sec., a 2nd packet will be sent, and again no any ACK back after 20 sec, the AP will auto reboot itself, so total cycle is 80 sec. Thats the reason why no 2408g reported on hang so far for 2 reasons: watchdog (embedded in firmware, no option for users) and BIG memory !!

There are 2 models basing on different housing type for your options per on-site scenario:

xPRO-2408G: dia-cast housing, -35c~+75c; weather-proof true outdoor solution. Much better immunity for interference and lightening affection

xPE-2408G: plastic housing, -15c ~ +65c, weather-proof true outdoor solution

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