Beer keg washing, filling unity machine

Product ID: keg washer

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1. The process of washing, sterilizing, filling is finished automatically.
2. Filling volume is controlled by high-speed positioning filling skill system
3. The temperature of hot water and lye is controlled automatically.
4. Available to connect more than one machine together to reduce the investment.
5. Auto washing of the beer pipeline CIP
6. Figure statistics and display function
7. Check keg spear automatically, make sure the washing quality and filling volume.
8. Suitable for different beer keg sizes.
Working Procedures
Location—scavenge wine remains—mixed hot mater washing—blow -- sterilize by lye—recycle—hot water washing—recycle—sterilize by steam—sterile water washing—recycle—Preparation of CO2 pressure --filling
Equipment fittings:
Siemens LOGO PLC
Stainless steal control crow valve
Pneumatical component of Taiwan Yadake
Main Parameter
Filling accuracy: 5‰
Capacity: 30-40bottles/hour
  • ISO9001

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