Digital High Resolution Wireless Hunting Cameras Multi-Shot Hunting Trail Camera

Product ID: DK-HD-1201S

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Model no: DK-HD-1201S
ITEM: HD Hunting Cameras
940nm and 850nm LED are optional
CAMO and Black version are optional
Laser light makes the camera focus to the optimal point
Video with audio
HD Screen

The Feature:
1. Impressively quick trigger time (1 second).
2. Movie Size HD 1280*720.
3. Ultra low standby power consumption(0.27ma/h).Extremely long in-field life(in standby mode,up to 3 months.
4. With 4 x AA batteries and 6 Months with 8 x AA batteries.
5. Date,time,temperature and moon phase can be imprinted in every photo.
6. 12/10/8/5 Mega Pixels CMOS sensor.
7. Camera +video model.In Camera+Video mode,it can first take photo and then shoot video afterward.
8. Set Timer,Serial,Time Lapse.
9. Optical filter can filter away the glare during daytime.
10. Zoom in/out picture when you check it.
11. Laser light makes the camera focus to the optimal point.
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