MatriX XCT 2000

MatriX XCT 2000

MatriX XCT 2000 X-Ray and CT full automatic inspection system

Product ID: XCT2000

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Description : The MatriX XCT 2000 is an automatic X-Ray inspection system , featuring combined Transmission and CT Technology for high-quality material analysis of safety relevant components. The fields of usage are in the sector of automotive , aerospace , power generation , aircraft industry and weapon industry. The main application is the automatic detection of material defects such as blowholes , oxides , etc. The machine can be run in manual , semi-automatic and full automatic mode. The MatriX XCT 2000 is the leading technology in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute Germany.
Features : Manual , semi automatic and full automatic mode. Automatic sample load. Transmission X-Ray and CT Technology. 160kV /225kV X-Ray Tube ( sealed ). Fraunhofer XEye detector 200x200mm/400x200mm. Fraunhofer Volex 3D CT reconstruction. Optional: Fraunhofer Helix 3D CT reconstruction. Automatic , close-loop grey-value calibration. Highly precise Fork C-Arm tilt axis with detector and X-Ray tube. Rotary table with universal adapter. Maximum sample size ; (dxh)500mm x 550mm/50 Kg. Barcode scanner (1D/2D)
Specification : Physical Dimensions: Machine sizes: 2545mm*2520mm*2700mm (HxWxL) Weight: about 8 tons Conveyor (SMEMA-IF) : Height 35.5" to 39.5" , 0,9 to 1,0 meter. Safe Operating Temperature: 18 to 24 degree. Line Voltage: 400/230V/120A ( 3 Phase). Air pressure: 8 bar Motion System: Multi axial motion system for detector and x-ray tube with a rotary table for the sample. Driving distance X-Y rotary table: X=950mm , Y=1150mm Rotation rotary table: 0-360 degrees Rotation speed: 1Turn/second Z axis drive: C-Arm Tilt axis: -30 to 30 degrees
Safety Approval : Full safe, interlocked enclosure. Other Description : X-Ray Source: Nominal X-Ray Tube Voltage: 160kV or 225kV Max.continious rating: 800/1800W Max.Tube current at nominal Voltage: 3.6mA/8mA Optical focal sport ( acc. EN 12543) : 0,4mm/1,0mm Image Detector : X-Eye XE42: 400x200mm Video display: high resolution 24"TFT Image Performance: Max. Sample size: 500mm(d)x550mm(h) Max. Sample weight: 50Kg BSR-Value ( 20% Modulation) of X-Eye 4020 with 400µm pixel size 1,14lp/mm. This equals a spatial resolution of 439µm. Feature recognition: 400 and 200 µm
  • Complies with all U.S. and International standards for cabinet radiography systems. CDRH directives / CE compliant.

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