soundproofing polyurethane acoustic Pyramid foam

soundproofing polyurethane acoustic Pyramid foam

Music room noise reduction foam good price recording studio soundproofing polyurethane acoustic Pyramid foam

Product ID: V-130

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Product Introduction:
Pyramid acoustic Foam Sponge featuring eco-friendly, smellless, tasteless and environmental healthy, is the ideal interior sound insulation, audio reflective material. It is widely used in the recording room studio,
vocal room bar, piano room, audio room, vidio room, multi-function room, drum room, the sound test room and high-end conference room and other places which need decoration and sound insulation.

Product detail information:
Normal size:500*500mm
Normal thickness:50mm
Color:A variety of colors are available

Product Advantages:
1.High acoustic absorption rate, good thermal insulation
2.Flame retardant can reach to grade 1, melting point is as high as 50 degrees
3.Closely structed, stable quality and form and with light weight, it is safe and convenient in installation
4.Eco-friendly and harmless,smelless,no harm to human
5.Can be recycles,you can use this product for second time.
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