interactive whiteboard

interactive whiteboard

Optical interactive whiteboard

Product ID: IO-9082

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Product features:

Don’t need chalk or mouse

You can use finger, dry marker pen, and any blunt object to write or draw on it.

Healthy, eco-friendly and energy-efficient

Have Multi-media resource, user can write or mark anytime

Compatible with third party software application

Don’t need to charge, it can work after connect with computer and projector

Equipped with powerful software which have many interesting and practical function

Energy saving:power consumption≤0.5W,supply power by computer USB port

Simple and easy to use, install, maintain

OEM/ODM service are available

The functions of software :

Free upgrade for life
Offering free resource download website
Supports diverse resource database self-defined by common format files, no limit to the number of resource
Marking play-status of Microsoft PowerPoint
Audio , video recording and play
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  • ROHS

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