Lanxee 366-76-12 Zigzag Sewing Machine

Lanxee 366-76-12 Zigzag Sewing Machine

Lanxee 366-76-12 Cam 1 2 3 Steps Zigzag Sewing Machine

Product ID: 366-76-12

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Lanxee 366-76-12 is single needle lockstitch zigzag sewing machine used for straight stitch, 1-step, 2-step and 3- step zigzag operations in the production of sails, tents and tarpaulins as well as for leather processing.

The machine equipped with bottom feed and top puller feed for very heavy-weight materials, large barrel shuttle hook system, electropneumatic backtack with sewing foot lift and 760 mm clearance always ensures a safe seam, even with heavy-weight materials.

Different working space available 320x115 mm, 760x165 mm, 760x260 mm.

Speed 700rpm
Stitch Range 0 to 10mm
Shuttle KSP-204N
Presser Foot Lift 20mm
Standard Needle DY x 3 26#
Lubrication System Manual
Zigzag seam 0-14mm, standard 12mm
Zigzag step 2, 3 and 4 point
Needle bar stroke 50.8mm
Thread take-up stroke 106.8mm
Working Space 760x165 mm
Motor 750W servo motor/ 600W clutch motor
Standard configuration Pneumatic presser foot lift, pneumatic reverse stitch, needle cooling, puller.

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