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3K Plastic Mould Co.,Limited is a member of the 3K Mold Group, we are a professional manufacturer for plastic injection mould and molding parts.
As a full service supplier, 3K Plastic Mould provides our customers with concept, design and development services as well as full product testing and assembling. We specialize in Precision injection mold, rapid tooling, double injection mold, die casting mold, and (BMC) thermoset mold, MUD standard of DME specifications, the Blocking mode with HASCO standard. Our customers include the worlds leading companies in the Automotive/Medical/Electronic/Telecom/Packaging and home appliance Industries.
If you need any service from us, please feel free to contact me by email helen.dang[@]3k-plastic.com, thank you.
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plastic injection mold, die casting mold, rapid prototype mold