Automatic wine vineager bottles labeling machine with fix function

Product ID: GLB-513DH

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◆Adopting Germany SIEMENS PLC control
◆Adopting easy operation large touch screen
◆Adopting Germany label sensor
◆Adopting Japan object sensor
◆All machines are made of SUS304 stainless steel and 6063 aluminum alloy
◆Can be equipped coding machine (optional)
◆This Machine can be used alone or can be connected with wine filling production line and work with cap sealing machine.
◆Tag: Wine labels (need to make positive and back label into a roll)
◆Workable product: 750/375ml etc. and cylindrical or conical bottles with diameter between 20-110mm.
◆Application: Wine, red wine, vinegar, liquor and other industries.
◆Case: Positive and back labels double labeling on the bottles and label sticking at the specified position.

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