speed gate for metro

speed gate for metro

Fastlane Speed gate for high end facilities.Metro,Subway

Product ID: CXTBT115

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Fastlane Speed gate for high end facilities.Metro,Subway
Ideal choice for subway and other sites with high flow rate and high demand for anti-following.
1.Convenient operation and maintenance with failure self-check and alarm function.
2.Flexible dial-up setting. decades modes for optional.
3.Mechanical and infrared anti-jam function. Arms rebound or auto stop with alarm if they detect obstacles.
4.Multi alarm modes. illegal intrusion, anti-intrusion, anti-follow, overtime alarm etc.
5.Anti-collision function.
6.Humanized indicator High brightness indicator, clearly show even in daytime or under sunshine.
7.Normal open and normal close can be controlled by external button.(for group pass)
8.Auto detect and reset.
9.Arm drop when power off.
10.Can be integrated with all kinds of access control systems,
11.Passing mode is adjustable. unidirectional and bidirectional.
12.High adaptability for environment, and good ability for self-protection.
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