JS-2008A2 Fully automatic High Speed Terminal Crimping Machine

Product ID: JS-2008A2

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High-Speed, Saving, Mute, Intelligentize Control
Adopt bran-New Frequency Conversion Technology, Power Consumption is an ordinar one-tenth of breaking from the machine.
Using Italy worm wheel pressurization technology, It can reduce intertia cushion and extend life for die cutter
Application of push-botton adjustment mode.
The introduction of imported parts and sophisticated technology to make more stable and reliable product performance.
Using SMC Precision maching precision slide technology allows more to ensure.
  • Measure
    • W300XD280XH450
  • Pressing power
    • 2TON
  • Wight
    • 60Kg
  • Travel
    • 30mm
  • Power Source
    • AC220W;50Hz

Main Products

Computer strip machines, automatic two side crimping machines