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Clario International ( provides US and European clients that purchase goods in China with trade services including sourcing and qualifying suppliers, inspecting goods and managing logistics. In addition, we provide translation and travel arrangements for clients visiting China.

Our Services Include:
1). Identify qualified Suppliers
We perform rigorous due diligence on suppliers to ensure they have superior processes and facilities
2).Search samples for buyers.
We search and collect qualified samples for buyers' reference.
3). Negotiate terms and pricing
Assist client in getting the best possible price and terms of fulfillment
4). Manage supplier fulfillment
Work closely with supplier to ensure timely delivery of high quality product
5). Inspection services
Inspect product before, during or after mass production to ensure high quality before shipment to client.
6). Logistics
Work with shipping company to ensure timely delivery to client
7). Re-orders
Manage re-ordering process
8).Travel arrangements.
Organize travel and accompany our clients to factories and markets.
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