Loksert Solid Key-Locking Inserts

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About Loksert Solid Key-Locking Inserts

Loksert Solid Key-Locking Inserts are used to repair damaged or worn out threads and to create new threads in original equipment manufacture.

The locking keys on each Loksert Key-Locking Insert provide a positive mechanical lock into the threads of the surrounding base material. The resulting thread is highly resistant to rotation arising from external vibration and torsion.

Loksert Key Locking Inserts require no special drills or taps and are fully compatible with other keylocking insert systems such as Keenserts and Keyserts.

Loksert Solid Key-Locking Inserts Features and Benefits

Solid, one-piece insert provides a high degree of pull-out strength
Locking keys provide a positive mechanical lock, preventing rotation
Simple installation and removal
Can be installed using standard drills and taps
No prewinder or expensive installation tools required
No tang to break off
Suitable for use in a wide variety of materials
Also available in MS and NAS military and aerospace standards

Loksert Solid Key-Locking Inserts Thread Types

Metric Coarse
Metric Fine
Unified National Coarse (UNC)
Unified National Fine (UNF)

Loksert Solid Key-Locking Inserts Materials

Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel

Loksert Solid Key-Locking Inserts Types

Heavy Duty
Extra Heavy Duty

Loksert Keylocking Inserts are fully compatible with others such as Alcoa Tridair Acme Keenserts & Keyserts

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