12,24,36 WaterColor Pencils

Product ID: LLWP12\LLWP24\LLWP36

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We have 36 kinds of colours for watercolor pencils:01(red), 02(peach red), 03(garnet), 04(orange yellow), 05(light yellow), 06(dark blue), 07(light blue), 08(green), 09(dark coffee), 10(light coffee), 11(purple), 12(black),13(crimson), 14(roseate), 15(pink), 16(dark yellow), 17(lemon yellow), 18(median blue), 19(peacock blue),20(ultramarine blue), 21(black green), 22(apple green), 23(white), 25(black coffee),27(jade green),28(chrysoidine), 32(lake green), 33(peacock green), 34(peak green), 35(brown), 36(light gray)(dark gray), 38(smoky red), 41(pigeon grey), 42(olive green) ,47(emerald green), 48(light green).
The visitor can free arrange in pairs or groups the color.
Certification: CE;QB/T 2774-2006watercolor pencil