hign speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

hign speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Refrigerated Centrifuge

Product ID: SE-CF-02

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SE-CF-02 High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge is easy to operate for applying advanced technology of dual display with computer control and liquid crystal digital;

Has more accurate turning speed for its frequency high-power direct-drive motor; is stable and less noisy for equipping with Siemens frequency converter; is safe and reliable for electronic door locks and multiple functions of ultra-speed and ultra-temperature, etc.

Has imported compressor for double-loop control of refrigeration and heating; high precision of temperature control; equipped with a variety of rotors which can meet the demand of multi-functions.

Now it is widely used in the field of pharmacy, biologic product and central blood station.

SE-CF-02 procedures can be programmed, saved and used. Users can set nine procedures for daily operation; 0-8 degree up / down rate, allowing users to flexibly choose proper centrifugal process to achieve the best effect and RCF value is automatically calculated.
  • Technical Parameters:
    • Model: SE-CF-02
  • Max. Speed: 25000r/min
  • Max. RCF: 61250×g
  • Max. Capacity: 3000ml
  • Speed Accuracy: ±50r/min
  • Ac/Dc Rate: Setting freely
  • Temp Accuracy: ±1ºC
  • Compressor: R404 compressor without Freon
  • Power: AC220V 50Hz 30A
  • Weight (excluding rotors): 220kg
  • Dimensions: 680×780×1220

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