GPI-2205 prismless Total Station

GPI-2205 prismless Total Station

Prismless Total Station GS-1200 series

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1. Long Life Battery
2. With low-power design, the working time is about 8 hours for angle and distance measurement together.
3. Quick&High Accuracy Distance Measurement
4. New EDM.
5. Large Internal Memory
6. Store 16000 data points, the recorded information for measured point are more versatile.
7. New On-board Software
8. Software are improved completely, which provides more easy operations.
9. Built-in Temperature and pressure sensors (Optional)
10. For high-accuracy distance measurement, the changing of pressure and temperature will cause the variation of result.
11. Software Upgrading Via RS-232C
12. Offers special program to upgrade the on-board software by PC.
13. Two-way Communication
14. Work together with electronic fieldbooks or data collectors.
15. Absolute encoders, you do not need to initial then indexing when power on.

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