Pantone Color Specifier Paper FBP100

Product ID: FGP100

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The Pantone Fashion & Home Color Specifier is ideal for product development offering the consistency and accuracy of the Pantone Textile Colors to assure reliable reproduction time.

Used by designers, manufacturers/suppliers and retailers working within the apparel, accessories and home furnishings markets.
  • Over 1,900 paper chips chromaticall
    • Over 1,900 paper chips chromatically arranged by colour family in a ring binder format.
  • Each page contains six larger–sized tear–out chips for each colour, all in one single volume.
  • The larger format provides greater visualization.
  • Ideal for attaching to design sketches.
  • Replacement pages are available.
  • Pantone
    • With six tear-off strips for each colour it is an ideal product to attach to design sketches for client presentations and to assist in the selection process. The use of Pantone colours easily facilitates global projects using a standard level of communication that is understood around the world.

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