Pinball machine(TZ-QF060-2)

Pinball machine(TZ-QF060-2)

Pinball machine

Product ID: TZ-QF060-2

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Dimension: (H*D*W)155*90*50CM
Weight: 55KG, Voltage:220V
Edition: Chinese, English, Spanish
1.Win a prize when 4 lights shine with continu-
ous numbers, up to 64 times when 10 conjoint
lights shine.
2.Up to 128 times when over 10 conjoint lights shine.
3.Win 30 times prize when you get four conjoint banners.
4.Lights (no more than 8 lights) will be pre- sented randomly for free each round.
5. Hold, re-bet, next round begins.
  • Color
    • As picture
  • Model
    • TZ-QF060-2
  • N/G
    • 55KG
  • Voltage
    • 220V
  • Size
    • (H*D*W)155*90*50CM

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