SW High Speed CNC Router

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Model SW1515

Working Area 1500*1500*150mm

Spindle Motor 3KW inverter-driven constant power spindle motor cooled by water

Motion Speed 25000mm/min

Rotating Speed Of Spindle 6000-24000rpm

Engraving Tools ◎3.175 、◎4、◎6、◎12.7mm(optional)

Dictate Fomat HPGL、G-code

Resolution 0.01mm

*Dust Collecting System(optional) *Vacuum System(optional) *Dust Collecting System(optional)
*Vacuum System(optional) *More power spindle motor can be mounted according to your requirement
*Servo system(optional)
    • Application:applicable to process various,advertising plant ,acrylic cutting plastic sucking mould in high efficiency,any metal or non-metal can be processed,for example,iron,copper,aluminum plates,etc.
  • High speed procession
    • synchronization of processing curves and straight lines can operate at the speed of 25m/min.
  • Advanced system
    • adopt advanced DSP controlling system with USB interface standard configured with 128M memory capacity so as to support transmitting data directly from UBS disk, which can save 30 processing files simultaneously (enclosed with 256M USB disk );compatible with TYPE3 / ARYTCAM / PROE / UG、etc.
  • Perfect structure
    • adopt industrial tool machine structure,equipped with large power spindle motor and high precision rail.
  • Convenient operation
    • adopt advanced USB interface to work without compute. Not occupying resources. Restore from power off,continuation on break point,anticipate working time,auto_feeding blades,friendly designing.
  • Contact Information
    • MARK.LEE
  • Guangzhou C.N.C Equipment Co.,Ltd.
  • www.gz-cnc.com
  • +0086 20-2881-1418
  • +0086 137-6074-2586
  • E-MAIL: markchina@yahoo.cn
  • MSN: mark.lee.china@hotmail.com

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