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Model SW300B

Working Area 300*250*40mm

Spindle Motor 800W inverte-diven constant power spindle motor cooled by water

Motion Speed 6000-12000mm/min

RotatingSpeed of Spindle 6000-24000rpm

Engraving Tools ◎3.175 、◎4、◎6、◎12.7mm(optional)

Dictate Fomat HPGL、G-code

Resolution 0.01mm

*Dust Cillecting System(optional) *Vacuum System(optional) *More power spindle motor can be mounted as requested *Servo system(optional)
    • Application:be good at delicately process small hard work pieces,such as brand,metal embossed sign,metal foil mould,construction models,acrylic cutting,sucking plastic mould,copper medal and handcraft modules,and also can cut products made of iron,copper and aluminum,etc.
  • More accurate procession
    • Integral cast-iron Rolling ball screw from Germany and tri-bearings for positioning to ensure much high precision.
  • Integral cast-iron Rolling ball scr
    • :Advanced IC designing to realize more precision calculation and high speed transmitting of data;
  • Compatible with Type3/Artcam/Casmate/CAXA/antgrave,etc.
    • Perfect strcture
      • adopt structure of industrial tool machines with integral iron frame,equipped with embedded guiding track transmission and lager power spindle motor.
    • Convenient operation
      • restore from power off,continuation,anticipate working time,auto-feeding blades,friendly designing.
    • Contact Information
      • MARK.LEE
    • Guangzhou C.N.C Equipment Co.,Ltd.
    • www.gz-cnc.com
    • +0086 20-2881-1418
    • +0086 137-6074-2586
    • E-MAIL: markchina@yahoo.cn
    • MSN: mark.lee.china@hotmail.com

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