Octanemetr PE-7300

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The device measures the octane number of petrol of an oil origin irrespective of a types of an additives according to a motor and a exploratory methods.
The principle of measurement is based on comparison octane (cetane) numbers of the certificated samples of petrol (diesel fuels) and controllable petrol (diesel fuels).
Used tables of the certificated of petrol (diesel fuels), the program of interpolation and the amendment on temperature of a researched sample are entered in special processor.
The complete set of the software, allowing to use octanemeter together with a personal computer is delivered with the device.
The data of measurements octane (cetane) numbers are deduced on the liquid crystal display and on the screen of a computer.
In addition, the information on operating modes of the device, adjusting amendments, and the data of the made measurements is displayed on the screen of a computer in the convenient and clear form.

The reference program does not demand calibration at carrying out of measurements.
Use of a low-voltage low-current power supply allows to use the device in an accommodation any type fire-safe and explosion hazard.
  • Petrol of all brands Range of octan
    • 66-98
  • Measurement error of size of octane
    • Not more 0,6
  • Diesel fuels of all brand Range of
    • 30-70
  • all info
    • http://www.oil.energy1.ru/octan04_shtml.html

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