Mini PC Station With 4 USB Port

Product ID: EG-T580

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Mini PC Station With 4 USB port

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Mini PC Station/4 USB Thin Client /Expanion/Net Computer T580 based on cloud computing technical, one host with unlimited client users 4 USB port, and an optional serial port, wireless/ USB mouse and keyboard supported. Excellent office work and also perfect in entertainment.

If you have many users work more than 10 meters away from the shared PC, and want to use USB flash driver or other USB products, select Mini PC Station/4 USB Thin Client /Expanion/Net Computer T580
. Mini PC Station/4 USB Thin Client /Expanion/Net Computer T580 connects across a standard Ethernet local-area network, they just snap into place and can be just about as far away from the shared computer as you like.

Mini PC Station/4 USB Thin Client /Expanion/Net Computer T580 share the excess power of standard PCs and make computing simple and affordable. You save money by sharing the cost of a single PC among multiple users. And your users feel like they each have their own PC while they simultaneously share common applications including web browsers, e-mail, office suites, and multimedia. Every user has their own keyboard, screen, settings, applications, and data files, so their experience is just like it would be if they were working at an independent PC.

Save money, time, and aggravation

Efficiently share one PC with unlimited users
Dramatically reduce acquisition & support costs
Easy to set up, maintain, and secure
Flexible Ethernet networking
Supports Windows and Linux
Compact and reliable
Energy-efficient (under 5 watts per user)
  • Mini PC Station Specification:
    • Size: 189x134x31mm
  • Power consumption: less than 5W
  • Connection to Host PC: Via 100 Mb/s switched Ethernet connection
    • Video Resolution:
      • Support 1280 * 800,1280 * 960, 1280 * 1024,1366 * 768, 1440 * 900
    • Max # Users per PC
      • no limitation when using a server host OS (i.e. Windows Server 2003)
    • Supported OS:
      • Windows VISTA, Windows 2008, Windows XP PRO, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7/ Linux: Support standard RDP Protocols, so it can work at many environments.
    • Build in TV-OUT output interface and COM port output is optional

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