truck tyre changers

Product ID: SR-568

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Standard features :

Full automatic universal truck tire changer:All movements of
the working parts are guide by the movable control platform,
particulary suitable for handling truck wheels,farm wheels,
passenger car wheels and industrial vehicle wheels between
14"-26" with deep grooved rims,tubeless,with ring.(Max.wheel
diameter 1600mm-Max.Wheel width 800mm)
Four-jaw universal
chuck movable control unit Locking jaws with different gripping
possibilities Hydraulic motor with pressure regulating device
Working arm with quick rotation system

Product Description :

Handles wheels from 14"-26"
Maximum wheel diameter

Maximum wheel width 800mm
Maximum wheel weight 1270kg
Gearbox motor 2.2Kw
Hydraulic pump motor 1.1Kw
Power supply 220V/380V 3ph
Operating pressure 0~130bar
Net weight 0590kg
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