Slingshot RPM 2010 Water Relaunchable SLE Kite

Product ID: Slingshot RPM 2010

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- In flight stability
- Superb re-launch
- Progressive “c” shape canopy
- Massive boosting properties - jump higher and float longer than ever before!
- Slingshot patented Onepump: the industrys original, proven and patented single point inflation system
- Propels smooth, fast turns
- NEW patent pending Center Safety System: 100% depower safety and convenience below the bar
- Provides custom options for depower and bar pressure
- Faster response for freestyle moves
- Progressive custom line lengths synchronizes the rider and kite to match wind conditions. Benefits include

optimum tracking ,precision feedback, custom power and range.
- NEW 2010 Comp Stock control bar: direct feel, speed and responsiveness
- Mark clothing reinforced trailing edge
- Ride unhooked with full depower
- Full suspension bridle
- Surf-tough seams reducing overall wear and tear
- Mark cloth scuff guards
- Reduced flutter and increases durability
- Slingshot Legendary Construction: bomber quality
- 4 Line simplicity

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