3D Surface Art Design Plates

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3D Surface Art shows the most elegant changing of color, strong linear reaction, and high reflection of design. Combining Titanium technique, it presents various surface of metal.
Using one of more combination of finishes, we can produce any shape of pictures, creating a three dimensional effects.
3D surface art produced on the stainless steel sheet or brass alloy sheet at W x L 4 x 8', 4 x 10', 5 x 8', 5 x 10', from 0.8 to 3.0mm of thickness, also titanium coating for stainless steel to has color of gold. The surface could be design-etched, design-matted, design-plated, design-colored, design-mesh, multi-directional satin, No. 8 mirror polish surface. Vibration, Glass bead blasted, over 30 patterns for the decorating usage.

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metal surface, grinding / polishing machine, stainless steel sheet, non - woven flap brush

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